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Strengthen the Community by Advocating for Local Institutions and Systems

In a 2004 survey, 2.2 percent of local elected officials said afterschool care is their community’s most critical program need.* The expanded-learning system is the most effective way to give underserved students quality educational and enrichment activities beyond the school day, and a growing number of cities are recognizing the benefits these systems provide. These student improvements build a stronger community, and you can support those efforts.

A decade of research and evaluation studies, as well as large-scale, rigorously conducted meta-analyses, indicate that young people who regularly participate in quality after-school programs benefit in terms of academic performance, social and emotional learning, prevention, and health and wellness. They have improved school attendance; higher graduation rates; lower dropout rates; stronger academic performance; and improved positive behaviors, work habits, and persistence (Every Hour Counts, 2016).

*(Source: Katz, C. (2004). “Afterschool programs a top municipal priority, survey finds.”Nation’s Cities Weekly 27(20).)