Our Why

We Serve Children

Children who participate in expanded-learning opportunities, such as after-school or summer programs, have greater chances to thrive and reach their potential. Children without access to and who do not have the advantage of these opportunities, though, are subject to the achievement gap.

Learning must continue beyond the classroom in order to bridge this gap and form high-achieving, well-rounded students. BOOST advocates for greater investment in expanded learning opportunities by demonstrating how high-quality programs can help bridge the achievement gap through giving children the learning opportunities they need.

We Serve Parents

Many working parents understand the value of safe, quality learning environments for their children beyond the school day, but for many cost and other factors make those environments inaccessible.

Afterschool Alliance research found that across America 10.2 million children participate in an afterschool program, but approximately 19.4 million children not currently in a program would be enrolled in one if a program were available to them (2014). BOOST seeks to make Greenville County programs available to the children by connecting their parents to affordable and accessible resources.


BOOST Greenville envisions a community where every child has abundant opportunities to learn, grow and build relationships that increase their lifelong love for learning and improve their chances for success. Policymakers, schools and educators, businesses, philanthropists, expanded-learning program providers, and parents and families are all stakeholders in the expanded learning community network.

As an intermediary that builds and develops the expanded-learning system within the Greenville community, BOOST unites stakeholders around a shared mission, coordinates and maximizes resources, and drives improvement throughout the system to make possible the vision of abundant opportunities for every child.


National research shows that high-quality afterschool and summer programs help students perform better in school, graduate and gain the social-emotional skills needed to achieve long-term success. The expanded-learning system is the most effective way to give disadvantaged students quality educational and enrichment activities beyond the school day. BOOST’s Program Quality Initiative works as a cyclical process of assessment, goal setting, accountability, coaching and technical assistance for programs involved in the initiative to create a high-quality environment that fosters student success.